Best ways for Water treatment

Water, the precious natural is very essential for sustenance of life on the planet Earth. It regulates the metabolism process of the human body, maintains the body temperature, helps in digestion etc. It is not only vital for the humans, but also for all the biotic life starting from the largest land animals to the smallest insects and worms. Moreover, it is essential for plant life, agriculture, crop production, plantation system and various forestation programs.

But now-a-days this valuable resource has become a scarce resource due to careless use and unnecessary wastage. In the modern era, people are overusing the water sources and aquifers for the fulfillment of their lavish needs like washing their clothes daily using soaps and detergents and consuming more and more water. They are keeping the water taps open unnecessarily when not in use. Moreover, in the urban areas, along with the public hydration system, bore wells are dug out to situate the requirements of the ever increasing population. Apart from these domestic needs, a large amount of water is needed in construction sites and industrial establishment. So, water treatment as a major concern for the environmentalists and natural scientists. But the main problem is how we can conserve this renewable scarce resource from being exhausted and depleted from Earth.

Actually, the balance in the water table on this Earth is maintained through the water cycle embodying the natural processes like evaporation, condensation, precipitation and rainfall. But these natural processes are being disturbed because of disturbances in the ecosystem created by the unreasonable and unjust action of some human beings. Therefore, the natural scientists are developing several innovative strategies for proper water treatment through the addition of purifying agents like bleaching powder and the chlorination process.

As the garbage, dead bodies of plants and animals are dumped into the rivers and seas; the water is highly polluted with the several toxic substances and diseases causing germs, bacteria and virus. Sometimes the radioactive like uranium and thorium are discharged into the water body from the nuclear power plants which is not only harmful but also hazardous to the aquatic life.

So water treatment is the need of the hour. It is a highly sensible environmental and humanitarian issue that should be addressed urgently in the global summits and precautionary measures for its purification and preservation should be taken at the earliest failing which the mother Earth converted into a barren dessert.