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Why Do We Purchase DVDs?

Everyone used to venture out to see movies. There is a “thrill” in going to a movie house. You would sit in a big theater, with tens of strangers, enthralled by the big vibrant, coloured, screen, the obvious, loud sound and the smell of buttered popcorn.

But things Have Changed…

The movie houses aren’t so thrilling any longer. Those BIG theaters have been broken up into, as many as, 12 little theaters. You can wait weeks for the movie you want to come to a theater near you. Those “movie–loving strangers” sitting down with you tend to be just a band of noisy, rowdy kids.

You sit down in the theater considering “If only I could get films on DVD brand-new releases”.

Home viewing has transformed. DVD’s are far better quality than movies ever were. TV shows are 50 inches plasma screens. You can sit down in the comfortable surroundings of your own home together with your friends and choose what you would like to see now.