Consortium Bus- known for its best services

Want to experience the real fun of traveling? Then choose to go with the Consortium it is one of the known bus services in the Singapore. As we all know that Singapore is one of the beautiful places where you can admire the beauty of nature. But while traveling by the flight and train, people have to miss the beauty of the sight which you can easily admire through the road route only. When you choose this bus services for your traveling, then you can experience what really traveling is? They give you all luxurious services which you never imagine in any bus. The seats on the bus are full of all comfort levels, and there you can enjoy all other benefits also.

As there are a number of bus companies in the online now so, it is hard to choose the right one among them. On the internet, you will get some of the best company’s services. But some of them trying to enhance their performance, different companies have some features because of which people choose them. Through online, you can choose one which is reliable and even convenient too. Consortium Bus is good in this option.
Cost efficient
It is good from the economy point of view. There you don’t need to pay more to the company. There the fare of the bus in really cheap as compare to the other mode of the bus. Somehow when you choose to travel from your vehicle or to hire a vehicle there, you have to pay more for the fuels. But while traveling on the bus, you don’t need to pay extra to the company. There you can also save the time because as we all know that for bus there are some of the
Now you know why people choose to go with (Konsortium Singapore) Consortium Singapore bus services.

Things to Do in Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Koh Phi Phi Thailand is an ideal vacation destination for tourists of budget and varied preference. People to the island are never at a loss to discover things that are interesting to do.
The island shot to fame with all the Hollywood movie ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo Di Caprio. The dozens of scenic beaches on the island as well as Maya Bay, where the movie was shot offer endless possibilities for adventure seekers and water sports enthusiasts.
date boat party phi phi Thailand is renowned world-wide because of its superb diving places. The rock formation that juts out of ocean at low tide, Hin Muang is a diver’s delight. Found just 45 minutes speedboat ride in the island, Hin Muang has steep ridges measuring 30 meters to 60 meters. All of the marine life, including manta rays and whale sharks, adds to the encounter.
Snorkeling at Long Beach is popular with tourists. Here it’s normal to strike the spectacular 2 m Black Tip Reef Sharks. There isn’t any need to stress; these creatures are fearful by nature. Another great snorkeling place is Hin Klang. On the other hand, great swimming abilities are there required by the powerful tides. The exquisite coral reefs situated abroad are worth the attempt.
Maya Bay holds enormous appeal to movie buffs. Additionally it is the site of one of the finest beach parties on the island. This can be an organized tour of the island beginning from Phi Phi Don. Additionally a part of the tour kayaking and are snorkeling near the cliffs of Phi Phi Ley.
A lazy day amidst nature, to spend, see Monkey Beach. Found at a 10-minute boat or kayak ride from Loh Dalum, this virgin beach is a reminder of the world that is lost. Or, try the Sundown kayaking excursion beneath the cliffs of Phi Phi Don.

Get the Latest Updates and Information about the Bus from Singapore to Johor

Whenever you are going to somewhere for picnic and outing, then transportation is the most compulsory part of your visit. Today, the people in Singapore always love to visit Johor, Malaysia for viewing the most beautiful nature and grand architecture of this Muslim country. Similarly, the people of Malaysia have same motives to visit Singapore. Both countries have very good relations and they trade with each other on every platform of the world. In these days, you can travel from Singapore to Malaysia and from Malaysia to Singapore in a bus service. Yes, you can reserve your tickets for the bus to Johor or back to Singapore.
It would be an extremely amazing and different experience for you to travel Johor, Malaysia by bus. You can get the latest updates about busses, their departure, arrivals, capacity, official schedule throughout the week, fare and other services at You can also subscribe on different official websites of the transportation agencies that have been serving the people of both countries to travel from one country to the other. You can also ask any query or question at this website about the bus from Singapore to Johor. Now, the travelers can also reserve their tickets in advance by online booking service that is 24/7 hours open for the customers.
If you are planning to leave for Johor, Malaysia from Singapore, then it would be an entertaining idea to choose traveling by bus. If you prepare your family and friends for this tour, then fun will be lasting. You should visit official website of the Public Transportation Company and view the detail of all buses and their schedules from Singapore to Johor. After this, you should click on online booking and choose a bus for reservation. You must book the bus tickets according to your departure time and date. You should preview your reservation little before to pay and finish booking process.