An Eye Exam Is Much More Than Merely a Test!

As an Optometrist I would like to understand that I’m supplying an excellent eye exam for every one of my patients. But most individuals don’t have any idea what makes up an excellent Walmart Eye Exam and so settle for an inferior test without even being aware of it! To the common consumer, one eye exam is pretty much the same as another, but as a professional I will guarantee you there’s a radical difference between what some professionals do and an all-inclusive eye exam and vision test.

The Essential Eye Exam
Most eye care professionals can satisfactorily supply a simple eye exam. This requires the measurement of your vision, which we called visual acuity, an appraisal of your eye health (retina and eye pressures) as good as the prescription for your eyeglasses. This is often performed pretty rapidly if needed, so Optometrists in commercial scenarios, whose income is directly dependent on how many eye examinations they perform in a day, tend to avoid only at that stage since they just don’t have enough time to go farther.
For me as a practitioner, this makes up the bottom rung on the eye care ladder, and the minimal condition that any professional can offer.
Eye Health Checks in the Eye Exam
Walmart Eye Exam will likewise be pointed out that not absolutely all eye health checks would be the same either! A 10 second look at every retina using an Ophthalmoscope and a quick puff tonometry is all some eye professionals supply, but I consider that to be able to take care of our eyes and visual systems efficiently for several years to come, we truly need to possess more than this!
In our practice we not only analyze the retinae, but we also photograph the individual’s retinae and optic disks, occasionally in 3D. We assess the front of the eye (eyelids, cornea, lens and iris), analyzing angles and arrangements to ensure that everything is healthy. We may also measure macular pigment density for macular degeneration, along with eye pressure for glaucoma and visual fields, to make sure eyesight isn’t being undermined in just about any place.